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St.Antony Replaces a Women's torn hair

           In the region around Limoges, there was a woman who was very devoted to the friars. She had a husband who was a non-believer and jealous. One evening the woman returned late to her home because she had been taking care of the needs of the friars. Her husband insulted her yelling,” You are returning so late from your lovers!”

          She answered, “It’s true. I am caring for the Friars Minor whom I love in God. I am so late because I was taking care of them.” Blinded with rage, he grabbed her by the hair and threw her around until he tore it all out from her scalp. Seeing this, the woman gathered her hair together, and inspired by faith, placed it on top of a pillow which she put on her head.
        Early in the morning, she sent a servant to St. Anthony to beg him to visit her. She said to him, “Brother Anthony, this is what I have suffered for my love of your brother.” She told him what had happened, and fervently added, “I ask you to pray to God for me. I am convinced that He will give me back my hair, making it like it was before.” Then the Saint said, “Madame, is this why you summoned me?”
       Returning to the friary, he called the friars together and told them what had happened and what she had asked. He concluded, “Let us pray, brothers, and I hope that the Lord will take her faith into account.” Immediately, while the Saint was praying, the woman’s hair reattached to her head just as it had been before”
      When the husband returned, the woman showed him her head and told him what had happened. He was astonished, and guided by God’s grace, he was completely healed of his suspicious and jealously. He came to respect the friars, becoming their devoted friend.

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