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Services Offered in the Shrine
Counselling Services

Direction of reach out to counselling in palayamkottai where counselling to couples, families, individuals and children are provided. The service provides a compassionate, non-judgmental environment where people can talk about their emotional and personal problems. Resolving these issues can have a positive effect on people’s health and wellbeing. 

Education Services

St. Antony's Play School serves in the Shrine Campus for KG children.

De-Addiction Counselling Service

Do you want to get away from addictions like alcoholism? Direction to reachout to De-Addiction Centers are provided.

Padua Holy Articles Depot

Padua Holy articles depot serves in the shrine campus. To help out with any holy articles like Rosaries, Candles, Spiritual Readings, Saint's Portraits etc which helps in the spiritual development of an individual are sold in very minimal prices.

Matrimony Services

Matrimony Services Coming Up Shortly.

Shrine Information Center

Shrine information center serves in the shrine campus. To get any information regarding shrine or to provide any information the shrine Information center serves the whole day.

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