Prayer Walk around the Church

Devotees walk around the shrine for 3 or 9 or 13 times. This is a simple means to bring your mind out of world's distractions and speak with God or to St. Antony for his intercession.


How to do?

Leave the phone at home, or on do not disturb in your pocket. Pray without distraction, while walking around the church. 

Offering Flower Garlands to St.Antony

Garlanding is part of Indian Culture to honour a person. Offering Flower Garland to St.Antony is a token of love and thanksgiving for the graces and favours received through St. Antony's intercession from God. One of the most popular practices of paying homage to St. Antony in our shrine is by garlanding the holy statue of St. Antony. This offering is mainly done by the devotees as a prayer Requesting blessings for the initiation of any event or an auspicious occasion.

Offering of Salt and Pepper

Offering of salt and pepper is another popular devotion which devotees follow in the shrine. It is offered as a thanksgiving for being cured from diseases. Especially skin diseases.

Offering Oil 

Offering of Oil is one another popular devotion in the shrine. It is offered as a prayer for blessing or offered as a request to be cured from diseases or thanksgiving for being cured from diseases or any answered prayers. 

Lighting a Candle

Lighting a  Candle is like bringing light to our desires. A candle can be lit as a prayer for peace or request for healing physically and mentally. Lighting candles symbolizes the light of Christ.

Lighted candles are reflections of our emotional self and help to illuminate our hearts when we feel burdened.

How to Do

Prior to lighting a candle sit in silence, realise any thoughts of negativity in your mind. Allow only positive thoughts. Direct your prayer to God.

Offering of Asanam/Food

Offering of food to St. Antony is one another means of thanksgiving.  This is another practise followed from Indian culture. Devotees offer food to St. Antony and eat them by sharing with the poor and other devotees.

The food that is offered to St.Antony  is considered holy and believed to relieve us from diseases or addictions.


Asanam is generally offered as thanks giving for a Marriage, Childbirth, Cure from diseases, Getting a new job, Success in business etc.


Offering of Sarees and  Frock

Offering of Sarees to  Mother Mary and Frock to Baby Jesus is another devotion followed in the shrine. 

The offered sarees are worn on the statue of Our Lady of Good Health and Baby Jesus placed in the right side of the Main Alter.

These Sarees/Frocks are then available for sale in the Padua Holy Articles Depot in the Campus . 

These articles are considered as holy articles.The sarees/frocks are Purchased by devotees and worn on the Sick for Cure.

Sarees are offered as thanksgiving in Marriage.

Frocks are offered as thanksgiving for Childbirth



Miraculous Statue of St.Antony

This Miraculous statue of St.Antony is more than 150 years old. It is rooted from the British Period while the church was initially constructed.


Countless Miracles are obtained by devotees from this miraculous statue located in the small grotto beside the main church.

People from multiple places flock to the shrine on Tuesdays from early morning to midnight to visit this miraculous statue and pray for St. Antonys intercession.