During initial days when the church was built, Since, the military personnel had been buried in the church premises, the Madurai mission decided to make use of this place as the burial ground for the missionaries. From 1851-1951 i.e., for a century, 32 missionaries were laid in ‘rest in peace’ as per records. As people were coming to visit and pray with candles at the cemeteries of missionaries, there were a few miracles took place, which enthused many people to flock towards this small chapel. In present day a structure of this small chapel is still maintained behind the main church.

Cemetery Chapel

mini chapel.jpg

As the number of faithful increased, the Palayamkottai Superior decided to extend the chapel in the front. It was constructed in such a way that the coffin of the priests can be accommodated. So it was named as Mortuary Chapel.  The priestly and religious eternal resting place became the Pilgrim centre of the people where they realised healing and blessings. While the people of different religion marched towards this Mortuary Chapel, devotion to St. Antony became the focal point. In Present day this are is shifted below the adoration chapel. Even today most many people realise healing and blessings.

cementry chapel.jpg

In Present Day this setup is still found around the Adoration chapel

adoration chap.jpg